Best Restaurants You Cannot Miss In Tokyo

Tokyo boasts of more Michelin-starred restaurants than any city on the planet and has a love for rich, sophisticated food deep-rooted in its culture. It is no secret that the dining scene in Tokyo is the one of the best in the world. The options are so diverse and enthralling that it can be difficult to pick and choose. If you are looking for a true-blue Tokyo experience indulging in spectacular sushi, or a little twist with Indian, French, or Italian cuisine, the place has more than enough options to meet (and exceed) your expectations. Here we have a list of the best restaurants in Tokyo you just cannot miss during your trip:


Ginza Kojyu

The traditional kaiseki feasts served at Ginza Koju will make your heart sing. Each and every element presented in the restaurant is well thought-out and presented beautifully. The mastery of the chef preparing the dishes is something you have to witness for yourself. The food is prepared elegantly and most of it happens right in front of you. The chefs are engaging and make it a point to have some conversation with everyone present at the table. The key here is the simplicity of the dishes together with local and seasonal ingredients. This Michelin starred restaurant with an exquisite traditional setting serves balanced dishes to delight any palate.



The extraordinary food and service at Ishikawa makes you truly appreciate the traditional Japanese cuisine. The place is tucked away in a residential area, far away from the tourist belt, but is definitely worth searching for. All of the dishes are simply refined, deep, and delicate. Mr. Ishikawa brings forth his genius and constant efforts in cooking through this polished restaurant. He doesn’t seem to age, full of humour and full of passion to create the perfect dishes for his guests. The subtle, quiet, but magnificent restaurant offers impressive food and attentive service. This place is one that genuinely comes to mind when thinking of culinary excellence.


Sushi Saito

When it comes to sushi, Sushi Saito is a must. Right from the beginning, the entire dining is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. It is extremely difficult to get a reservation here but the experience is one not to be missed. This small, elegant restaurant has the perfect blend of culinary finesse and sublime atmosphere. The taste and textures of the food are unlike anything you would normally eat. Mr. Takashi Saito has perfected his trade and all his dishes feel like a match made in heaven. There is a fantastic variety in the array of dishes and each one is its own piece of art. The intimate seating and fascinating menu make this restaurant a must visit if you are a sushi fanatic.



You would be lucky to secure a reservation at this famed, cozy restaurant in the heart of Minato. The intimate restaurant is really akin to Chef Takazawa cooking for you personally in his home. His wife perfectly and passionately attends to diners in the front of the house. Every course served stands out in its own way. All focus is directed towards a comprehensive culinary experience. You will find perfection in all details and experimental flavours and textures in divine combinations. The ingredients are rich and unique and a sommelier takes you through the extensive wine list with ease. Chef Takazawa truly brings remarkable culinary and creative flair to all his dishes.



Butagami is one of the very best if you are seeking out the perfect Tonkatsu in Tokyo. The restaurant is located in a small, traditional house and completely worth the hype around it. The atmosphere is fantastic with traditional mat seating and excellent service. The chefs are true artists and you get to devour their masterpieces. This lovely, quaint restaurant serves perfectly cooked Tonkatsu each time, golden with a light crunch. The accompanying dishes are small highlights in themselves, particularly the miso soup with small clams. The atmosphere is very inviting and the pork is moist and crisp with an intense depth of flavour.


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